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Young Detectives- Mumbai Files

Young Detectives- Mumbai Files

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An Action Packed Board Game


A couple of crafty crooks from the local mafia have scaped from The Central Jail, and the young detectives in Mumabi just have one month to catch them.

Don your detective hats or slip into the shoes of the mafia boss who is leading the escape plan.

The city is the stage, and the clock is ticking- choose your side for an unforgettable chase!


1 Game Board

3 Detective figurines

3 Culprit Figurines

1 Detective Die

1 Culprit Die

1 Evidence Board

9 Lead Cards

12 Plot Cards

9 Culprit Puzzle Pieces

27 Clue Puzzle Pieces

3 Barricades

3 Culprit  Decoders

1 Deduction Sheet

1 Erasable Marker

1 Hourglass

1 Instruction Booklet


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