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Why Connect Game- Picture Connection

Why Connect Game- Picture Connection

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Why Connect is a super fun game of logic, reasoning, and creative thinking. A game that’s interesting and stretches your brain- children and adults alike. Think out of the box but be logical to win. Not bound by a board- Play anywhere and anytime! Screen-free play

What's in the Box?

90 Picture Tokens, a Cloth Bag for easy travel, 4 Wooden Stands, 1 Score Pad, and an Instruction Guide.

How to Play?

Start with placing 2 related tiles on a flat surface and state your reasoning.
- Take turns to add 1 tile at a time and give a reason for your connection between the picture objects.
Players can accept or reject your reasoning. Connections can be formed across and down in a crossword fashion
- Tally your scores and the highest scorer wins.

Best played: On the floor in the land of reason

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