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Tokyo Table Lunch Box- 3 Partition

Tokyo Table Lunch Box- 3 Partition

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About this item

  • Durable Material: Stainless steel is known for its durability and longevity, making it a long-lasting option for a lunch container.
  • Capacity: Three compartments with a total capacity of 710ml, allowing you to pack a variety of foods.
  • Eco-Friendly: Stainless steel is a sustainable and recyclable material, reducing the environmental impact of disposable containers.
  • Three Compartments: The three compartments allow you to separate different types of food, keeping them fresh and preventing flavors from mixing.
  • Transfer-Proof Construction: Robust construction prevents the transfer of odors or flavors between compartments. Keeps the integrity of each food item intact, ensuring that your lunch tastes just as delicious as when it was packed.
  • Leak-Proof Design: Many stainless steel lunch boxes come with a leak-proof seal silicone to prevent spills and leaks.
  • Easy to Clean: Stainless steel is easy to clean and doesn't retain odors or stains like plastic containers.
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