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The Black Box Puzzle

The Black Box Puzzle

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  • THE BLACK BOX PUZZLE ( 7 Pc Puzzle ) Explore over 200 forms with 7 magnetic puzzle pieces. This is an ancient puzzle, which is designed to develop creativity and imagination among children. This puzzle is helpful for children to identify shapes and the concept of area. Thew handbook provided guides through the ways to achieve different shapes.
    》1 Magnetic playing board.
    》 7 Magnetic puzzle pieces of the black box puzzle.
    》 1 puzzle handbook, The challenges & its solutions.

    ( 1 ) All the 7 pieces must be used to form a shape.
    ( 2 ) Each pieces must be placed next to another. There must be no overlapping of pieces.

Enhances Your Child's Problem Solving Skills
The Black Box Puzzle from Toysbox is an interesting assortment of puzzle pieces, that help to enhance your child's logic building and problem solving. Puzzle blocks are known to stimulate the cognitive skills of children. Toysbox The Black Box Puzzle improves your child's hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills with the specialised arrangement of the puzzle blocks. When your child recalls different shapes and arranges the puzzle blocks to get to a solution, it enhances your child's memory. Besides, frequent playing helps them to develop a way to solve the puzzles faster and more efficiently.

Magnetic Playing Board and Puzzles
Toysbox The Black Box 7 piece puzzle contains one magnetic playing board, seven magnetic puzzle pieces and a puzzle handbook of challenges and its solutions. To play the puzzle, all the seven pieces must be used to form a shape and each piece must be placed next to another. Overlapping of pieces is not allowed. Challenging puzzles on the different shapes used in the puzzle need to be answered, which makes it a unique mind game in itself. Recommended for both girls and boys 7 years and up, this 7 piece magnetic puzzle is a truly engaging game.

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