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Super Math Spy

Super Math Spy

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Master math with this thrilling equation-making game!

Sharpen skills, outwit opponents, and embrace your inner genius as you become the spymaster!

The Details

Math learning becomes an adventure with Super Math Spy, an equation-making game.
Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are no longer symbols, but your tools to defeat your opponent.

With endless possibilities in each round, you and your kids will always enjoy this game as no two rounds will ever be the same.
There’s a reason why it’s been our best seller for 5+ years. Great for kids 8 and above.

Can you become the spymaster and beat your friends? Let’s find out.

“My niece has fallen in love with learning maths and my sister loves me for it!”- Kanchan (Nutritionist)

A super engaging STEM-based, equation-making game.“ - Vandana & Hrit (Parents of 9 & 8 year olds)

Quick overview :
- Each player gets 5 cards and wears their decoder glasses.
- Player 1 rolls the die and all players try to make the equation that results in the number of their topmost card using the fingerprint tokens.
- Player who makes the equation first wins and discards their card. The others keep their card at the bottom of their pile.
- After returning the tokens to the pile, the winner rolls the die and round 2 begins.
- The winner is the one who gets rid of all their cards 1st.


- Each player starts by wearing a decoder glass and getting 5 cards each.
- Set the fingerprint tokens between yourselves in a pile.

1. Round 1 starts when player 1 rolls the die, after which each player flips their topmost card.
2. You quickly try to pick the fingerprint tokens from the pile and rush to make the equation that equals the number on your card. Equation must include the symbol on the die. E.g. If the die shows a "-" sign and your card says 24, your equation can be: 3 X 9 - 2 -1 = 24.
3. Whoever makes the equation 1st wins this round and shouts “Mission Accomplished”. The winner gets rid of the card and the loser keeps it at the bottom of the pile. All fingerprint tokens go back to the pile and round 1 ends.
4. The winner of the previous round then rolls the die and the next round starts.
5. The person who finishes their 5 cards first becomes the “Spymaster” and wins the games.

Note: The secret number on the fingerprint token is revealed only with your decoder glasses. (edited)

100 Mission Cards, 27 Fingerprint Number Tokens (1-9), 1 Wooden Die, 4 Decoder Glasses.


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