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Speedy Game of Memory - Caterpillar Clutter

Speedy Game of Memory - Caterpillar Clutter

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Catty the caterpillar has so many feet. Finding his shoes is a feat!
Night or day, there is clutter in the way.
In the kitchen, under the stairs
Over the roof, Catty can’t find any pair.

Help Catty find his shoes in a speedy game of memory. An interesting take on the old-school favourite “Memory Tray” game. The game has multiple variations to ensure that you are constantly challenged and never get bored! You can also use the cards to build language skills and vocabulary. 

A perfect gift for Girls & Boys Ages 3 and up.



One game, many ways to play!
Game 1
- Turn over a card. Pay attention to the shoes in the picture and memorise them.
- Turn the card face down and rush to pick up the shoes that you remember.
- Score the highest by remembering the maximum number of shoes in each picture.

Game 2
- Play with the coloured shoes or play a game of shadow object matching.

For younger children, play a game of matching shoes.


20 shoes, 20 scene cards, 1 wipe-erasable scoring board, 1 wipe-erasable marker, Instructions


Box measures (cm): 23 x 16.5 x 4.5

Weight (g):362


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