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Preschool Logical Thinking Game - Pajama Party

Preschool Logical Thinking Game - Pajama Party

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It's not just another colour-matching game! Join the colour matching and problem-solving fun in Marvin Moo's Pyjama Party of the year! An entertaining and fun skill builder that grows with your child. 

Fun, exciting game for preschoolers. Can be played in 2 different ways. Easy to follow rules. No reading is required. Play with the family or use it for independent learning and homeschooling.

Our favourite preschool skill builder has been a bestseller with kids and parents over the years!


2 Games in a Box
- Roll the 2 colour dice.
- Look for THE token where colours match the 2 dice colours.
- The player with maximum Moo tokens wins the game.
For younger children, don't play as a competition. Roll the dice and give them enough time to find the token.

Open a problem-solving card and find the correct Moo token as the solution.
Concepts include colour, patterns, shadow objects, numbers and the concept of not present. Builds early logic and thinking skills (S.T.E.M)
21 Thinking challenges, self-correcting labelled numbered cards.


21 Moo’s friends Tokens, 2 Wooden Colour dice, 21 Problem Solving Cards and Game guide


Box measures (cm): 16.5 x 23 x 4.5

Weight (g):360


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