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Clever Dog

Clever Dog

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The clever, adorable dog knows his left from right and right from wrong. Quick to spot the happy from the sad, he always knows his opposites.

Join the clever dog in a unique opposite pairs self-correcting puzzle game. Find matching pairs of opposites. Check your answers with the help of the clever dog. If his round feet fit neatly into the holes of the tokens, you know you have found the correct matching pair.

Frequently used in preschool classrooms- speech and language activities and small lessons.

How to Play?

Place all the 20 cards on the table, with the blue and orange sides face up.
- Put the frame in front of you.
- Take an orange card and place it on the left in the frame.
- Search for the matching opposite (blue tokens) and place it on the right in the frame.
- Have you found the correct opposite pair?
- Check your result by placing the Dog, in the holes of the cards.
- Check your answers immediately and self-correct

What's in the box?

20 sturdy puzzle pieces, 1 wooden farmer on a tractor, 1 board frame, 1 wipe-erasable marker, and a game guide

Product Specifications

Box measures (cm): 23 x 16.5 x 4

Weight (g):322


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