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My First Touch & Feel Puzzles – Colourful Vehicles

My First Touch & Feel Puzzles – Colourful Vehicles

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PepPlay’s My First Touch and Feel Puzzles – Colourful Vehicles seamlessly merge tactile discovery with the delight of puzzle-solving, designed to captivate and educate toddlers. This toy introduces them to four unique vehicles – a train engine, truck, plane, and sailboat – fostering fine motor skill development while engaging their senses through touch. Each puzzle piece embodies a distinct vehicle with a whimsical animal driver, accompanied by a one-of-a-kind texture; the train engine dazzles with sequins, the sailboat gleams with a smooth, glossy finish.

Furthermore, the set imparts knowledge about diverse modes of transportation, cultivating early appreciation for these vehicles and their vital roles. With endearing animal drivers, it ignites imaginative play and storytelling, nurturing creativity and storytelling skills in children.

Contains: 12 puzzle pieces

Designed & Made In India

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