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Mini Kawaii Stapler - Cartoon Designs

Mini Kawaii Stapler - Cartoon Designs

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  • Fun and colorful stapler set designed specifically for kids.
  • Includes a vibrant, cartoon-themed stapler featuring playful characters or designs.
  • Compact size and easy-to-use functionality perfect for small hands.
  • Comes with child-safe, blunt-tipped staples for added safety.
  • Encourages creativity and organization for school projects or crafts.
  • Makes stapling tasks enjoyable and engaging for young ones.
  • Great for fostering fine motor skills and coordination in children.
  • Adds a whimsical touch to any classroom or home workspace.
  • A delightful gift idea for little ones who love arts, crafts, and stationery.

Size 6.6 x 3 x 5.7cm (Approx.)

Color & Design : Assorted will be shipped

Package Contain - 1 x Cartoon Design Stapler with Staples (with 400 Staples Blister)

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