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Mental Tracking Game - Dig Up

Mental Tracking Game - Dig Up

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Join the Woodland wonder, with a party in the forest. There are orders to be completed. Collect the food as fast as you can in a- maze-ing unique flipping board game! Spin the spinner and let the frenzy begin! It's a game of mental tracking. 
For children 4 and 5 years old, play with only 2 boards and a shorter maze. If you enjoy brain teasers and puzzles, you will love Dig up. 


- Take a card each. Spin the spinner and let the frenzy begin.
- Spin an Animal-Mentally trace the underground path from the animal to the food and scream ‘Dug’ before the other player does. Collect your token.
Every turn gets more exciting as you keep flipping the boards and the paths never remain the same.
- Spin a Swap- exchange food items to complete your order.
- Spin an Order Mix Up- exchange your party order cards with each other.
- The first to collect 5 food items of the card is the Winner.


2 animal boards, 2 ground boards, 2 food boards, 1 Wooden Spinner, 20 food tokens, 8 order cards, 2 heart tokens, 1 care paper bag.


Box measures (cm): 26.7 x 21.6 x 4.6

Weight (g):510



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