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Memory Game - Hungry Four

Memory Game - Hungry Four

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The classic memory game just got reinvented as Hungry Four! A SUUUUUPER Size memory game with 2d Animals and Jumbo Floor Cards (7x7cm) made of durable, sturdy cardboard. Ideal size for little hands.   

Join the hungry animals (Monkey, Lion, Bear, and Crocodile) in an entertaining memory and movement game. 3 ways to play- Alone, in Competition or in a Team game. For the little ones, play a simple matching game.

Perfect for training memory, concentration, & cognitive thinking! A preschool game in which the whole family can join the fun.


2 Exciting Game Plays

- Roll the dice - Tells you which animal to feed.
- Memory time! Turn over cards to find the correct animal food.
- Feed the animal & collect a feeder token. Win by collecting 5 tokens.
Fun twist- Roar with laughter as you 'Act' or 'Sound' like the animal on the card if you get a distraction card.

Game 2: Cooperative, Team Game
- Have 4 or more kids around? Play in 2 teams
- Blindfold 1 person from each team.
- Give them instructions to find the correct food to feed the animal. The team that reaches the animal first & feeds it- collects the Feeder Token.
- The 1st team to get 5 Feeder Tokens is the winner.

Great game to introduce group play without requiring reading skills.


4 Attractive Animal Stands, 20 Food Cards, 10 Act & Sound Cards, 20 Feeder Tokens, 2 Wooden Dice, 2 Eye Masks & Play guide.


Box measures (cm): 28 x 28 x 5.5

Weight (g):842





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