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Mapology Solar System

Mapology Solar System

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DUAL SIDED PUZZLE WITH PLANET & ORBIT SHAPED PUZZLE PIECES: A unique Solar System puzzle with perfectly cut Planets & Orbit shaped puzzle pieces to make play-way learning effortless and fun! 72 INTERESTING FACTS TO LEARN: 8 interesting facts to learn about each Planet and the Sun. Learn about colour, size, rotation, dwarf planets, the asteroid belt and lots more. Just paste the stickers and insert the pegs in the aliens MULTI-PLAYER BOARD GAME: Turn the space puzzle into a multi-player board game and invite your friends to join the fun. Play games like: Guess the Fact, Heads Up and Rapid Fire - capture the planets by learning the facts 50 YEARS OF SPACE EXPEDITION: Explore man's journey of space expeditions as you solve the second side. Learn about Mars Rovers, Neil Armstrong, International Space Station & more! COOL ALIENS: This Solar System Toy comes with 9 cool alients that can spin! They can hold the Spacehip shaped fact pegs making learning fun for kids and can be used as fun pencil toppers too! CONTENTS: 18 Pieces Dual Sided Puzzle, 9 Rotating Aliens, 36 Pegs, 82 Stickers, 1 Story Booklet with 3 Games & Fun Facts AGE: 4 years and above

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