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Magnetic Puzzle, Tile Game - Pen Them Up Junior

Magnetic Puzzle, Tile Game - Pen Them Up Junior

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  • Fred & Fiona enable your child to think logical. It is a perfect mind puzzle game for 5 year olds and above.
  • This 9 animal pen houses 3 horses, 3 cows and 3 goats. After grazing during the day, they enter their pen in a random manner – you need to pen them so that like-animals are together.
  • The animals are represented in this challenging logic game by magnetic tiles and the pens are marked on a magnetic board.
  • You swap animal tiles horizontally, vertically or diagonally by the best logic strategy. Keep track of the total number of moves to move the animals in the new designated pen arrangement.
  • Fred and Fiona offer you 12 penning challenges for new arrangements of like-animals, as they are as restless as humans!
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