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Kuchi Ku Toddler Backpack- SIlicone

Kuchi Ku Toddler Backpack- SIlicone

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This unique and fun shaped backpack in beautiful color options with attractive trinkets on it make this piece a total head turner.
This piece has 8 movable trinkets which can be removed and replaced.
The breathable fabric is totally sweat proof for kids.
We have this available in 3 striking color ranges.
This one is highly recommended by LSB and is pure indulgence. • Design: A quirky and unique backpack in a lovely blush pink colour with 8 attractive trinkets on the back makes it a total fun piece. The quirkiness of and attractive color combination catches the eye and is guaranteed going to give you a second look. • Unique Opening Zipper: This bag has a superior quality double open strip zipper. • Lightweight: It's Very important that kids use Light Weight Bags so that it's easy and light on their shoulders. Our range of backpacks totally offer this. • Padded Shoulder Straps: Good Cushioned and adjustable weight reduction shoulder padded strap helps in better grip on the shoulders for the child. This piece takes care of the exact cushioning and weight balance support for the child. • Room Space: A generous room space to help in keeping the items securely. • Water Proof: Another unique property is , this piece is water proof plus dirt and sweat resistant so the child can now plunge into total joy land with our piece. • Top Handle: A top Handle also allows the child to carry the bag . • Age Group: 3-12 years • Size: 12 inches x 9.5 inches

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