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Kids' Pretend Play Cash Register Toy: Grocery Store Fun and Learning Set

Kids' Pretend Play Cash Register Toy: Grocery Store Fun and Learning Set

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  1. Realistic Design: The toy have a realistic design to mimic a genuine cash register, encouraging children to immerse themselves in imaginative play.

  2. Scanner: Include a functional barcode scanner that emits a beep when items are scanned, enhancing the shopping experience for kids.

  3. Credit Card Reader: A credit card reader with a slot for swiping or inserting cards, teaching children about payment methods and basic financial concepts.

  4. Calculator: A built-in calculator to help children practice basic math skills like addition and subtraction as they ring up items.

  5. Cash Drawer: A cash drawer that opens and closes, allowing kids to store play money and coins, fostering organization and fine motor skills.

  6. Play Money: Include various denominations of play money and coins, helping kids learn about currency and arithmetic.

  7. Sound Effects: Engaging sound effects, such as cash register beeps and drawer opening sounds, to make playtime more exciting and interactive.

  8. Educational Value: Incorporate educational elements like numbers, letters, and simple math problems on the buttons or display, supporting early learning.

  9. Durability: Ensure the toy is made of high-quality, child-safe materials that can withstand the rigors of playtime.

  10. Accessories: Include additional accessories like shopping baskets, grocery items, and play credit cards to enhance the pretend play experience.

  11. Imaginative Play: Encourage open-ended imaginative play, where kids can take on roles such as cashiers, shoppers, or store managers.

  12. Parent-Child Interaction: Promote parent-child interaction by allowing parents to take on roles like customers, helping kids develop social and communication skills.

  13. Battery-Powered: If applicable, use easily replaceable batteries to power the toy's features.

  14. Box Size: 28x18x11.5cm
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