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Infant Gift Set Mini (Combo-1)

Infant Gift Set Mini (Combo-1)

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Three amazing toys in one delightful package.. it's their bundle of joy! A top of the line Mini gift set with 3 different Teether, rattles toys. Sunflower rattle - a delightful toy with a central, rotating ball that's filled with colourful beads. The colours, sounds and shape offer a sensory treat and the rattle's great for teaching cause and effect. Now, you don't have to ask babies what their favourite flower is! The key rings- are easily grasped and secured by baby's small fingers. The soft chewable ends of the keys are perfect for comforting baby's swollen gums. This toys helps to stimulate baby's touch, sight and hearing. This teether makes a great first toy for infants. If there's one thing better than friends, it's friends on wheels! That's exactly what Roller Pals is. Baby's rattling companion. An ideal gifting option for new born. Two colour options to choose from"

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