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Cute Panda Design Silicone Night Light

Cute Panda Design Silicone Night Light

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  1. Cute Panda Design: Adorable Panda shape that appeals to children and adds a playful touch to the room decor.

  2. Soft Silicone Material: Made from high-quality, BPA-free silicone that is safe for children to handle. Soft and squishy texture, making it pleasant to touch and interact with.

  3. USB Rechargeable: Equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery. Charges via USB, providing convenience and portability. Long battery life ensures the light can last through the night.

  4. Touch Control: Easy-to-use touch sensor for turning the light on/off and adjusting brightness. User-friendly for both children and adults.

  5. Adjustable Brightness: Multiple brightness levels to suit different needs and preferences. Dimmable feature allows for a customizable lighting experience.

  6. Portable and Lightweight: Compact and lightweight design makes it easy to move around the house. Perfect for use in bedrooms, nurseries, or as a travel companion.

  7. Safe for Kids: Designed with child safety in mind, with no sharp edges or small parts. Durable and drop-resistant, ensuring it can withstand rough handling by children.

  8. Multi-Functional: Can be used as a night light, decorative lamp, or a comforting companion for children Suitable for bedtime routines, nighttime diaper changes, or as a gentle reading light.

  9. Box Size: 13.5x11.5x6.5cm

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