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Crown Bear Mechanical Table Sharpeners

Crown Bear Mechanical Table Sharpeners

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Key Features:
  • Compact Design: A unique hand-held pencil sharpener might be designed to be extremely compact and portable, allowing users to easily carry it in their pencil cases. This would make it convenient for use on-the-go, such as in classrooms, offices, or outdoor settings.
  • Ergonomic Grip: The sharpener could feature an ergonomic grip or handle that is comfortable to hold and provides a secure grip during use. This would reduce hand fatigue and make sharpening pencils a more comfortable experience, especially during longer sharpening sessions.
  • Adjustable Sharpening Angle: Unlike traditional sharpeners that have a fixed sharpening angle, a unique hand-held sharpener might allow users to adjust the sharpening angle to suit their preferences. This would enable users to achieve different pencil tip shapes, such as sharp or blunt tips, depending on their needs.


Type - sharpener
product dimension - L 9.2 x B 12 x H 13.3 cm
material - plastic/metal

Product Description:
 To prevent accidental injury, the sharpener could incorporate safety features such as a blade guard or locking mechanism that prevents the blades from being exposed when not in use. This would make the sharpener safer to handle, especially when used by children or inexperienced users.

Items Included In Package: 
1x sharpener
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