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Critter Heights- Memory & Number Game

Critter Heights- Memory & Number Game

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Critter Heights is a fun twist on a classic memory game. This engaging board game combines memory, strategy, and a dash of luck for endless hours of entertainment for ages 4 and up. It's a race to build the tallest tower in Critter Heights.

Simple Gameplay, Big Fun! Take turns to flip over face-down tokens that have numbers on them. Decide whether to add them to your building or put them back. There's only 1 rule to remember- you can only add a floor to your building if it's higher than the current top floor. The first to add 10 cards to their building wins! 

Sharpen Young Minds Through Play! Develops memory skills by remembering numbers and their locations. Boosts strategic thinking  & decision-making skills as you decide what floors to add to your building! Learn numbers 1-50 and math concepts like number value and order (greater than, less than) in a fun and interactive way.

Perfect for All Occasions! Ideal for playdates, family game nights, holidays, homeschooling, and learning at home.


The object of the game is to be the first to build the most awesome 10-floor Critter Heights! (Collect 10 tokens).

Place the floor tokens face down on the table and choose a door (1) to start with. Flip over a floor token. Decide whether to place it on top of your building or put it back in its place. If you decide to put it back, you must let all the other players see the token. There's only 1 RULE- The value of the floor you place must be higher than the value of the current top floor.

The game ends when the first player succeeds in building a tower consisting of 10 floors.


4 Starting Buildings (1-), 49 Floor Tokens (2-50), Instructions

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