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Caring Cats Board Game- Kindness Around Town

Caring Cats Board Game- Kindness Around Town

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Gloom and doom have covered the hippy happy Town of Charms, with the Mean Mouse on the loose! And now the Ministry of Pawsitivity has called upon the 5 most awesome Caring Cats. Meet the 5 kind cats that will be your new favourite engaging role models.

A fun interactive kindness game for families where kids learn good habits and manners, learn to be polite, help, take turns and be respectful. A game that makes caring fun. Respond to situation picture cards. Compete to collect charms or win together as a team in a cooperative game as you beat the Mean Mouse. 

Our games are centered on parent-child interaction. Playing together with your child will create a learning environment that enhances their development. Turn your game responses into missions you do in real life to reinforce the learning.

An original, thoughtful gift for boys and girls age 6 and up. Connect, have conversations, and think of different ways to be kind in a situation- no act of kindness is ever wasted. Make this world a better place! Let's kickstart the movement 'Making kindness easy and fun' (Collaboration & Empathy are key 21st-century skills).


Game 1: Race to Charm
- Each player places their cat mover on the board. Take 5 Caring Cat tokens each.
- Roll the die & move your cat around town.
- Respond to scenario cards. Suggest how you can be kind and collect a charm.
- Miss a turn if you roll the Mean Mouse.
The first player to collect 5 charms wins the game.

Game 2: Charm Together
- Place the mean mouse on the left board & place your cat movers on a blank space on the town board.
- Use your Caring Cats to respond to situation cards. Share how you can be kind and collect a charm.
Together, collect 5 charms before the Mean Mouse reaches and destroys the School of Pawsitivity.


An attractive Board in a Box, 4 Cat Movers, 1 Mean Mouse Mover, 20 Caring Cats Tokens, 20 Heart Charms, 30 Cards, 1 Wooden die, and Instructions.


Box measures (cm): ‎38.1 x 24.8 x 4.5

Weight (g):594


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