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Blobbie- Kawaii Pastel Gel Slime

Blobbie- Kawaii Pastel Gel Slime

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Age : 3 Years+.

Texture : Boasts a unique jelly-like texture, offering a satisfying and stretchy feel for sensory play.
Sparkling Glitter : Infused with sparkling glitter particles for an extra mesmerizing and visually appealing experience.
Non-toxic Formula : Made from a non-toxic formula, ensuring safety for users of all ages.
Easy Storage : Comes in a resealable container, making it easy to store and preventing the slime from drying out.
Stress Relief : Provides a stress-relieving sensory experience, perfect for relaxation and concentration.
Mess-Free : Designed to minimize mess, allowing for easy cleanup after play.
Versatility : Suitable for various activities, including stretching, squeezing, and molding.

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