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Beware of the Shark- A Game of Quick Reactions

Beware of the Shark- A Game of Quick Reactions

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The Details

Beware of the shark is a super fun family game. Easy to learn and simple to play. Roll the dice and let the fun begin! Focus, be quick, and react fast to avoid the shark attack!

Rules change at every turn. Hours of entertainment on game nights and playdates! Young or old, play to master your reflexes. Have a blast! It's the perfect gift for kids who love sharks.


One player wears the glove and becomes the Shark. The other players become the Fish by holding the strings.
- The Shark calls out a number and rolls the die.
- The Shark tries to grab the Fish with the number called.
- The Fish has to pull away to save itself from the Shark.
- If the Shark grabs the Fish, then the Fish gives the Shark a token.
- The person with the most tokens is the winner.

One Game Many Ways to Play!
Rules change very quickly. Play with multiple variations in this exciting game of reflexes. Or just make your own set of rules! A great game for children & adults alike.


2 Wooden Number Dice, 4 Wooden Fish with Cords, 1 Fabric Shark Glove, 42 Fish Tokens, 1 Sea Board, Game Guide.

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