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Barbie Gymnastics Playset With Blonde Fashion Doll

Barbie Gymnastics Playset With Blonde Fashion Doll

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Age : 3 Years+

Kids will flip for this Barbie gymnastics playset with fashion doll, flipping feature and more than 10 accessories for fan-favorite events! Imaginations can create routines for the floor or balance beam and execute air moves with the c-clip mechanism -- simply snap onto the doll's waist for flips, cartwheels, jumps and more! Additional storytelling pieces includes batons, hoops, a trophy and a warm-up suit to really heat up the competition. With so much play opportunity, the Barbie doll and set makes a great gift for kids 3 years old and up. Doll cannot stand or flip alone. Colors and decorations may vary.
  • ​Kids will flip out imagining a career in gymnastics with Barbie doll and her balance beam -- the playset includes 10+ themed pieces to inspire winning stories!
  • ​Snap Barbie doll's waist into the c-clip and use to help her perform cartwheels, flips, leaps and more!
  • ​Dance a rockin' floor routine with a pair of hoops or batons -- they have handles so her hands can really hold them!
  • ​Tell stories before and after routines with additional accessories that include a trophy, medal, water bottle and snack!
  • ​Barbie gymnast doll wears a colorful iridescent leotard with her blonde hair in a ponytail and has a warm-up suit, sneakers and gym bag to let imaginations travel!
  • Includes 1 Barbie doll wearing leotard, 1 c-clip, 1 balance beam, 2 batons, 2 hoops, 1 water bottle, 1 banana, 1 trophy, 1 medal, 1 gym bag, 1 jacket, 1 pair of shorts and 1 pair of sneakers.
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