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A Game of Characteristics - Eye See- The Animal World

A Game of Characteristics - Eye See- The Animal World

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Do ‘Eye See’ the animals that lay eggs or the animals that have stripes? It‘s a game of 20 clever characteristics for preschoolers and families!  Be the fastest to SEE and grab animals that match the characteristic. A super fun game that’s entertaining & educational!

 Learn about 20 clever animal characteristics in an animal game full of wild, farm, water animals and birds.

It's easy to learn and simple to play with a spot-it game mechanic. It only takes a few moments to explain and has quick gameplay. Easy to self-check by turning over the animal token.


Spread all the Animal & Eye See Extra Point tokens (32) face-up in the centre of the table. Shuffle the characteristics cards and keep them on the side.

1. Turn over the top characteristic card.
2. All players rush to pick up animal tokens that fit the characteristic on the card. (Collect as many animals as you think fit the criteria on the card.)
3. Think you know of an animal that fits the card but is not part of the game tokens? Name it and grab the orange token for extra points.

Easy to self-correct. Score 1 point for each token you picked correctly and 2 points if you picked up a red token.
The player with the maximum score wins the card!

Play again with a new card till you have a winner with 5 cards.


32 Tokens, 20 Cards and Instruction Manual


Box measures (cm): 19 x 15 x 3.8

Weight (g):210


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