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A Day in the Jungle- Animal Bingo Game

A Day in the Jungle- Animal Bingo Game

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In a fun twist on Tambola, take a jungle safari and join the animals to see how they live together. See how they share, and jump in to help each other. Can you spot and tell who is being good and caring?

A great social-emotional learning bingo to teach your child the values of helping, caring & sharing. Easy matching with an illustrated guide to help younger children. A fun way to spend quality time together as a family. Great birthday gift to play with friends and family.

Focused on children’s growth and development-exciting and full of learning!


 Bring out the caller board, dice, and chips. Hand out a Jungle board to each player. Arrange the chips in the center.
- Roll the dice and call the combination. E.g. 'Monkey and Helping'.
- Look at your board to see if you have the picture that matches the combination (in this case the picture would show a monkey helping another animal)
- If you have a match, mark that picture with a Jungle chip.
- The first one to mark any 4 squares in any one row or a column or a diagonal line shouts "Jungle Love" and is the Winner!


4 Jungle boards, 84 Jungle Chips, Caller Sheet, 2 Wooden Dice, and Game Guide

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