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24pc Stationary Set

24pc Stationary Set

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Color: Pink

24 Stationery Set-Piece Set,4 Pencils,12 Colored Pens,A Glue,An Eraser,A 15Cm Ruler,A Pair Of Scissors,A Pencil Sharpener


Product Description:
Good quality materials: Our stationery sets are made of durable and good quality materials to ensure long term use. It contains 4 pencils, 12 colored pens, a glue, an eraser, a 15cm ruler, a pair of scissors, a pencil sharpener, and a pencil case. These contain most of the student's daily school supplies and are easy to carry around, giving you the tools you need for writing and drawing tasks.
Stylish and cute design: This stationery set features a stylish and modern design for students and professionals.
writing experience: Our pencils are designed to provide a and comfortable writing experience, making them suitable for long periods of use. The lively and lovely pattern design creates a relaxed and cheerful learning for students
Two colors: This set includes a variety of stationery in bright colors, allowing for expression and personalization. It includes two kinds of pin-k and blue, you can choose according to your needs.
The ideal gift: This stationery set is a great gift for students, artists, or anyone who appreciates quality writing tools Convenient storage: Each item in the set is neatly organized in a compact case or box, allowing for convenient storage and portability. Let students study happily.
Package Included:
1×Stationery set

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