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Memory Game in a Tin Box

Memory Game in a Tin Box

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Memory Game in a Tin Box

Sharpens photographic memory
 Concentration & Focus
 Colorful & fun to play
 Attractive themes
 Compact & Travel friendly

How to play ?

1. First stick the magnet on the chess piece;
2. Select a favorite jammed paper to spread the jammed paper on the iron box and quickly memorize the position of the pattern. Place the pieces neatly on the pattern;
3.When the two identical patterns are opened according to the memory, the two pieces can be obtained. If the two patterns that are opened are inconsistent, the pieces are put back and the next person is returned; finally, the person who has more pieces wins.

Dimensions : 17 x 12.3 x 2.8cm

Includes : 15 Game Cards & 20 Magnetic Pieces

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