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Ejection Animal Car Inertia Ejection Car Pull Friction Toy(1 pcs)

Ejection Animal Car Inertia Ejection Car Pull Friction Toy(1 pcs)

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Includes 1 piece- No Batteries Needed

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Introducing the Cartoon Cute Pet Animal Inertial Shooting Car These adorable animal-shaped cars offer fun and imaginative play for babies and kids. With no need for batteries, these cute pets are powered by inertial force, making them easy and fun to play with. Featuring clown duck, cute rabbit, and dinosaur designs in different colors, each car offers unique and eye-catching appeal. Young children will love pressing down on the car to launch it forward with its inertial motion. Simply load up the animal cars and press gently to launch them forward and watch them slide across the floor. Made with rubber wheels for durability and friction, these cars are designed for safe and worry-free play. The soft material of the wheels adds just the right amount of traction and grip to make the cars easy to play with on any surface. The rounded and smooth design of the car body creates an easy-to-grip shape that's perfect for small hands. Crafted from high-quality materials, these cars are sturdy
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