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African Safari- The Hide N Seek Game for kids

African Safari- The Hide N Seek Game for kids

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Tame The Jungle!

Bring your favorite jungle animals to life. Experience the thrills, the excitement and the unlimited fun of the roller-coaster African Safari. This amazing game will test your puzzle solving skills to the absolute limit.

Anyone aged 5 years and above can enjoy our safari, full of adventures. All you have to do is, arrange the 4 puzzle pieces on the game board in such a way that only the animals that appear on the challenge card are visible on the board, and all the others are hidden.

You have to select the 4 correct puzzle pieces out of 5 and place them correctly to successfully complete the challenges. Once you start playing, you’ll never want to stop!

Game Contents : A Play Board, A Book of 132 Challenges & Solutions, 5 Image Hider Tiles, An Instruction Guide.


Product Code : TM52-39

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