Wooden Pixy Cube Blocks


Pixy Cubes contains three activities in one
creative game! Play the challenge cards or
design colorful pictures with. 6 vibrant cubes.
Sharpen your memory and spatial reasoning
with the challenge cards.

1) Race for speed, test your memory, or take
your time creating unique designs
2) Be the first player to correctly recreate the
pattern to win the round!
3) Develops agility, visual perception, memory
and creativity.
4) A challenging and versatile activity for 1 to
4 players.

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Imagination comes in cubes! Pixy Cubes Block Puzzle Game includes 16 colored cubes, 10 design cards, 13 challenge cards and 1 game instruction booklet. These 16 beautifully engraved cubes can be used to play games as well as to design colorful pictures. Children
can try to copy the patterns provided by the
game cards or create their own pattern. A touch of creativity is all it takes to enter the wonderful world of Pixy Cubes.


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