Wooden Doctor Set


Included Components : 1x Stethoscope, 1x Thermometer, 1x Tooth, 1x Syringe, 1x Cloth Bag, 1x Patrol Book, 1x Visit Card, 1x Pliers, 1x Scissors, 1x Syringe, 1x Toothbrush, 1x Dental Mirror, 1x Detecting Rod, 1x Ointment, 1x Toothpaste & 1x Tweezers

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PRETEND PLAY : Pretend to be a doctor or nurse. Thus helping in making them familiar with first aid and medical kits and help lose their fear of doctors and more.

NURTURE HEALTHY SKILLS : Promotes language & social-emotional development, imaginative thinking, story telling, creativity, self expression and logic perception.

SUITABLE FOR AGES : 3 Years +. Perfect for young kids to develop fine motor skills during play while learning practical life skills, exploring empathy for others.

NATURAL & CHILD-SAFE MATERIALS : Made with wood and natural materials, child-safe paints and contains no plastic. Thus your child is in safe hands while playing and learning with the medical set.

UNCONSCIOUSLY AFFECTING CHILDREN : hand-eye coordination, object recognition, character behavior, parent-child interaction, cultivating interest, and meticulous exercise.


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