Wooden Chakla & Belan



Kids adore their kitchen playsets and it often seems like they’re never getting away from it, but curiosity wins and they want to try out new things, just the way you do. So, they start watching you work in the kitchen, making round fluffy chapatis and this is where you know that the wooden chakla belan is needed so that they can make their own.

No kitchen toy set is complete without adding a wooden chakla belan to the playset, rotis are, after all, our staple. Cooking set toys are interesting ways to model positive behaviour in children and the wooden chakla belan made from natural wood, is one of the wooden kitchen accessories that will help your kids learn how to make proper chapatis. Add playing dough to replace the real dough and hand them this wooden chakla belan and voila! You’re ready for some realistic play food. This rolling pin with the wooden board is some of the most basic kids’ kitchen appliances you can get to give their kitchen set a realistic feel, and they help immensely when it comes to pretend play, building social skills, and developing motor skills.

Get your kids the wooden chakla belan playset and let them understand how to complete household chores. These pretend play toys help in normalising household work and act as learning toys for kids. You can check out more such cooking toys for kids from our collection of playsets.


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