Ultimate Werewolf (Deluxe Edition)


Specifications :

Material : Paper
Package Weight : 320g / 11.29ounces
Package Size : 176 * 133 * 38mm / 6.93 * 5.24 * 1.5in

Packing List :
80* Cards
1* Moderator Scorepad
1* Getting Started Guide &

1* Rulebook

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In Ultimate Werewolf, you and any number of other players attempt to figure out who is a werewolf over the course of several game days and nights. Each day you’ll choose a player (hopefully a werewolf) to eliminate. Each night the werewolves will eliminate a villager. Fortunately for you, some of the villagers have special powers, like the Seer, who learns the true identity of a player each night. The game continues until only villagers or werewolves remain.

// Features :

The Seer gets to view another player’s card each night as she looks for werewolves. She’s the village team’s most valuable asset, so she has to be careful not to expose who she is before she has enough information.
Villagers are trying to figure out who the werewolves are. Most werewolves will claim to be villagers, which makes convincing the rest of the players that you really are just a villager quite difficult.
The Witch has the ability to save a player who was targeted by the werewolves for elimination at night, and she also has the ability to eliminate the player of her choice. However, she can only use those powers once per game.
The werewolves’ goal is to eliminate all the players from the game, until there are only werewolves left. Each night, they secretly pick a player to eliminate. Each day, they try to act like they aren’t werewolves.
The S-orceress isn’t a werewolf, but she wants them to win. She has the ability to find the Seer, so each night she checks the identity of a different player. Once she finds the Seer, that will help the werewolves immensely.
The Wolf Cub is on the werewolf team. But the other werewolves are very protective of their cub. If the Wolf Cub is eliminated, the werewolves get to eliminate two players the following night.


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