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The child will be able to develop their artistic skills and creativity! Various images of vegetables, vehicles and animals are not only an educational form, but also in their creation will develop: precision, manual dexterity, motor coordination.

The assembly of the table is very simple, everyone can handle it. It has drawers where you can store crayons, markers and painting supplies. Everything will always be in place. There is a place on the table where the toddler can easily draw on a sheet of A4 paper. The projector can be placed on the left or right depending on your comfort. The great advantages of projector boards are eye-catching colors, shapes without sharp ends and multifunctionality.

Before playing, select the appropriate image disc, install it on the projector, and run it. When switched on, an image appears on the table top on a white plate, which has versions with contours or in color. The child’s task will be to color the picture as its lesser counterpart. On the other hand, templates will teach your child the correct naming of geometric shapes and writing letters.
Lots of benefits and fun!


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