Neocube (Multicolor)


  • Ball diameter : 8 mm;
  • Stick size : 2.3 x 0.35 cm;
  • Package size : 9x6x2 cm;
  • Weight : 160 g.

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This is a modern toy that develops logical thinking, takes time, helps to calm down, think of something good while assembling interesting figures. If you just bought a neocube and do not know where to start, we recommend watching the video online. You can start with simple shapes such as triangles, rhombuses, squares. Then you can move on to more complex tasks and build castles, unusual models. Neocube is not so simple. A variety of shapes from magnetic balls designer can be collected indefinitely (well, or at least a lot), which is just enough imagination. You can buy several packages at once so that you get huge and voluminous figures. In this set, in addition to balls, there are magnetic sticks in the amount of 36 pieces. The whole set is packed in a metal box.


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