Home Kitchen : (Red)


Package Includes : 36 Pieces Cooking Toy Set

1 x Induction Cooker (With sound, 3AA battery not included)

1 x Pressure-cooker (support rotate)

1 x Kettle (support add in water)

1 x Barbecue grill

1 x Cutting board

1 x Cooking pot

1 x Pizza cutter

1 x Frying pan

1 x BBQ clip

1 x Milk bottle

1 x Fried egg

1 x Chicken wing

1 x Tomato sauce

1 x BBQ stick (3 PCS)

2 x Corn /kabob/hotdog (8 PCS)

2 x Bowl/cup/dishes/chopsticks (8 PCS)

1 x Cooking utensils (kitchen knife/ slice/filter spoon/soup spoon/noodle gripper/bevel scraper,(6 PCS)

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The Home Kitchen playset toy will ensure that all Children have access to fun, safe toys that assist in their development of life skills, motor skills and thinking processes. Kids have fun in their own kitchen, creating just like a chef! The appealing cookwares inspire children to take on the role of chef or parent. Provide your toddler or kid with hours of imaginative play and stir up some fun in the kitchen. Including some Chinese tableware, Learning different table culture around the world!


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