Eraser Set : Fairytale Palace


Premium Quality Eraser Set of 15 Erasers
Made with Non-Toxic Material

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This fairy-tale erasers kit is surely a great gift for your kids. This kit includes everything kids wants! Get One Pack And You Won’t Need Erasers For The Rest Of Your Child’s School Life.

Make your stationery all-new and enchanting again with the new fairy-tale – Eraser Set which entails the love, the fragrance and the beauty! Count us in as these erasers not only gets the job done but is sure to be a favourite in your stationery kit. It is all things fun. Make erasing fun with our collection of these fun ones.

These colourful fairy-tale Erasers make a cool addition to your stationery supplies. A perfect return gift for your kid’s birthday party. That’s not all. You can scatter them on your summer party table as décor pieces for some serious party fun with these rubber erasers.

From palace to unicorns to rainbow, this has it all. This is a set of 15 fairy-tale erasers! They can be the dream eraser set for your child. Get one pack and you won’t need erasers for the rest of your child’s school life. Use it for yourself or as a birthday gift.

Erase away all of your mistakes with our fairy-tale erasers. These rubber moulded erasers come in a fun pack! They are safe and durable which makes a perfect gift for rewarding your children and students.


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