Dishes Kitchenware — Washbasin



Available in 2 colors

28pcs Kitchen Sink Toys Children Electric Dishwasher Toy Automatic Water Cycle System

This product requires 2 AA batteries. Please take out the batteries after each play to prevent the batteries from being damaged by moisture.With vegetable toys and automatic water cycle system, play sink with running water gives children the most realistic experience; they play different roles and enjoy the fun of doing housework and then it will promote parent-child relationship.Kitchen sink toys set teaches toddlers to learn various fruits and vegetables and to recognize different colors, and the sink toy helps them develop good habits, stimulates brain development and raises their cooperated consciousnessNote that the amount of water must not pass the water inlet, but please be careful not to exceed the range of the groove. This product can accept warm water around 40 degrees Celsius.Made of premium ABS plastic, kids sink with running water has no bad smell and is friendly to toddlers and kids, all edges of electric dishwasher toys have rounded and polished, no burs or sharp edges, which ensures the safety from the detailsKids play sink for toddlers with real running water is a popular gift among boys and girls, you can send this toy sink with running water to your son, daughter, nephew, niece, grandson and granddaughter for birthday, Easter, Halloween and Christmas.


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