3In1 Desk Lamp


• Compact, lightweight, and easy to move!
• Provides the apt amount of light
• Holds ample stationery items!
• 360-degree bendable lamp frame!
• The perfect gift for students or office
• A must-have addition to any work desk or
study desk!

• Best birthday gifts for children

Dimensions : 25x25x20 cm

Material : Plastic


Imagine studying something or preparing for a
presentation but struggling to get the perfect
light on your desk and enough space to keep
your phone, stationery holder, and also the work
in itself. Resolve the space issue and get
something convenient and cool like the 3 in I
Desk Lamp. This desk lamp stands out with its
light-weight, easy-to-carry frame with a lamp
with apt lighting, a holder for your stationery,
and sharpener. Yes, this is all in one and no it
does not cover your entire desk. It is compact!
The perfect gift for the people stuck on their desk
and need a creative solution to multiple issues in
one product!


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